If you have missing, weak, or broken down teeth, we can help! Teeth can be lost from trauma, periodontal disease, or may be missing since birth. Teeth may have had several fillings over their life – each one bigger than the last which makes the remaining tooth weak. Crowns or caps can strengthen the remaining tooth and help you keep it for a lifetime.

Accidents occur frequently, and unfortunately your mouth sometimes takes the brunt of the force. Tooth-damaging incidents can influence your self-image negatively and make you more susceptible to oral disease. For chipping, cracking, or overall loss of your teeth. Our goal is to preserve your teeth as conservatively as possible while restoring health, comfort, and function to your mouth.

Crowns and/or bridges can be used:

  • To repair broken teeth.
  • To replace missing teeth.
  • To provide strength to an existing tooth.
  • As a replacement for very large fillings.
  • To support dental bridges.
  • To add stability and function to your bite.
  • Cosmetically, to conceal permanent stains.

If your cracked tooth isn’t capped with a dental crown, the fracture or crack can spread to the roots, meaning that extraction and replacement would be the next course of action. Don’t let your damage get that far, contact us to make your crown appointment with Dr. Jacobson today.