When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Montebello Dental Center

How often have you waited for a toothache to subside only having to visit the dentist after all? Or if the aches and pains a child is complaining about are normal or something to be concerned about? A seemingly small problem may turn into something big if not treated timely. At Montebello dental center, your emergencies are efficiently dealt with, saving you from pain and any future problems.

Teeth troubles come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing what qualifies as an emergency would save you from countless hours of pain and other problems that may arise due to delays in treatment. It is difficult to find the source behind a toothache, and a diagnosis from an expert is the sure way of bringing relief along with the prevention of a more significant issue.

So, here are the signs that’ll show if you need emergency dental care!

A loose tooth

As an adult, a loose or wiggly tooth should never be experienced. In case you feel that your teeth are feeling loose, then that could mean several things. They can indicate tooth injury or a localized tooth infection. In either case, it is strongly recommended that you seek emergency dental care at Montebello dental center.

Severe toothache

A severe toothache may be a sign to seek dental care and get relief. There are some home remedies for minor toothaches, but there can be several reasons for toothache, and a dental opinion should be taken at the first chance. In case the toothache is severe and has increased sensitivity to temperature or touch, then its time to visit the dentist.

Bleeding and aching gums

Seeing your gums bleeding while you floss is not normal and can indicate early signs of gum disease or gingivitis. However, if your gums are excessively bleeding, recurring and painful, then it’s an alarm bell that needs immediate attention.

A swollen jaw

A swelled jaw can mean a severe sign of infection. A swelled jaw coupled with a fever, trouble breathing or swallowing, needs immediate dental assistance.

Canker sores are worsening

Any lesions in your mouth that are not going away on their own are a sign of concern. An open sore lasting for more than two weeks needs to be looked at by a dentist.

Mouth tastes like metal

If your mouth tastes like metal, then it could mean that an old filling has cracked or become loose. It requires immediate dental intervention.

An emergency visit to the dentist can be so much more than a mere toothache. Pay attention to what’s happening inside your mouth and get it treated timely. A visit to the Montebello Dental Center can save you from any anticipated problems and save hours of pain.